This is the sport that seperates men from mice.  I’m kidding…but seriously.  I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce some of you to the sport that has taken me all over the world.


Hydrofoils have been used on different watercraft for nearly 100 years. They have been used on engine driven watercraft both large and small, sailboats, human powered boats, windsurfers, wakeboards, and our favorite waterski(s).

The first hydrofoil boat dates back to 1906 designed and built by the Italian Inventor, Enrico Forlanini (1948-1930). The foil design was made from the classic “Ladder” type construction which has muliple struts coming down with multiple wings between them. It had a 60 hp engine driving two counter-rotating air props and during testing in 1906, the craft reached a top speed of 42.5 mph.”

“In the early 1960’s, the first “waterski” hydrofoil was developed by Walter Woodward, an aeronautical engineer from Upper Newton Falls, Massachusetts. The first person to test and fly Woodward’s invention was Frazer Sinclair. This was the beginning of towed hydrofoiling!”

“After getting blasted with water from the center of the skis, Mike came up with the idea to have Bob move the skis together so that the wash from the spray would be off to the sides of the ski. In addition, they changed the hydrofoil from a double strut to a single strut. This design eventually became a single ski with a single strut.” 

After some years have past, a few of us have taken the sport to the ‘next level’…much like P90X has taken fitness and health to the next level.  🙂

New Age Riding

Here is a video that I created for a competition during the summer of 2013. Most of this was taken from an event outside Calgary on the mighty Pine Lake. Hope you enjoy.

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